Spanish courses

The Spanish courses for foreigners at the Universidad de Chile aim to develop oral and written communication skills in Spanish within social and professional/academic contexts at various communicative levels. Each semester, five courses are offered: elemental, post-elemental, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and post-intermediate.

These courses are open to both international students enrolled at the University of Chile and foreign residents interested in learning Spanish or enhancing their language proficiency. Each course consists of 4.5 hours per week, divided into three 1.5-hour classes.

Elemental and post-elemental levels include 2 modules: communicative-social Spanish (3 hours) and communicative Grammar (1.5 hours).

Pre-intermediate, intermediate, and post-intermediate levels consist of 3 modules, each lasting 1.5 hours: communicative-social Spanish, communicative grammar, and academic-professional Spanish.

The modules are described as follows:

  • The communicative-social Spanish module helps the students develop communicative skills for effective interaction in social, work, study, and service contexts.
  • The communicative grammar module focuses on reviewing and practicing key grammatical content to achieve the communicative goals proposed in the other two modules.
  • The academic-professional Spanish module aims at understanding and producing oral and written texts typical of academic and/or professional discourse at different levels.

For international students, the course is equivalent to 8 SCT credits (compatible with ESCT).


Each program level covers an academic semester of 16 weeks (4 months).

Class Schedule: Twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays (from 10:15 am to 1:30 pm).

Classes take place at the Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, Campus Juan Gómez Millas, located in the Ñuñoa.

Applicants must contact the course coordinator, Prof. Claudia Flores, via email:


June/July 2024

All individuals interested in these courses must take the placement tests. These evaluations include an oral interview via Zoom and an online written test.

Evaluations are mandatory, even for those who do not speak Spanish, as they serve as a record of language skills at the beginning of the courses.

To register for placement tests, use this link.

After registration, students are contacted to schedule the Zoom interview.

The results of both tests determine the student's level and, therefore, the course the student can register.

The cost of evaluations is $12,000 pesos.

International students registered at the University of Chile through PME or specific agreements with faculties of the University do not pay the Placement test fee.

Placement evaluations: June/July 2024

Classes start: Monday, August 12, 2024

Classes end: Wednesday December 11, 2024

Total course cost (materials are included)

Course price: $430,000 (Approximately U$500)

Placement evaluations: $12,000

Special price

  • International students registered at the University of Chile through the Program of Student Mobility (PME) or specific agreements with faculties of the University pay CLP$ 235,000 (Approximately US$270). The fee is paid in Chilean pesos.
  • Postgraduate and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, interns, or visiting professors at Universidad de Chile receive a 15% discount on the general price $365,500 (US420)

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*To participate in this course, a student visa is not required, and therefore, no documentation related to that process will be provided.