Language Conference (English)

Our fast-changing world has been experiencing social challenges that seem to be away from classrooms, even though they still affect our students and us as we coexist in the same society. Since the previous version of this conference explored current research conducted in the field of language learning and teaching in the Southern Hemisphere, this second version of the event will focus on teachers, students, and the act of teaching as agents of change in what is known as the ‘Developing World’

According to Paulo Freire, “education is not neutral”, so we as teachers cannot continue pretending our performance is not a political one. Indeed, Chile has had several demonstrations and protests from learning communities (2005, 2006, and 2011 were the largest; students have continued their fight until today), whose main demands were included in the new constitution proposal (which was voted against on September 4th). Other countries in our region have also experienced these massive protests, like Colombia (2011 and 2018), Brazil (2013), Nicaragua (2018), and Mexico (2012). If we expand our scope, then we can find similar protests in South Africa (2015), Iraq, Lebanon, and Mauritius (2019), and Turkey (2021). However, these events are part of a larger social unrest that each country has had to deal with, usually resulting in even larger protests as most demands are not met. That is why this conference will continue examining learning and teaching practices of languages in the Southern Hemisphere and the ‘Developing World’, but this time we are adding the ever-present political dimension that our practices have.

Conference Fees

  • Undergraduate student: attendee Free
  • Undergraduate student: participant CLP$10.000 / USD$10.00
  • Chilean and AUGM* postgraduate student: attendee CLP$10.000 / USD$10.00
  • Chilean and AUGM postgraduate student: participant CLP$20.000 / USD$20.00
  • International postgraduate student: participant CLP$25.000 / USD$25.00
  • Chilean and AUGM teacher/researcher: attendee CLP$15.000 / USD$15.00
  • Chilean and AUGM teacher/researcher: participant CLP$30.000 / USD$30.00
  • International teacher/researcher: attendee CLP$25.000 / USD$25.00
  • International teacher/researcher: participant CLP$40.000 / USD$40.00


All participants need to register using this form, so that they can get the links for the different presentations. 


The platform used to pay the registration fee is WebPay, which charges in Chilean pesos (CLP$). This means that the figures participants have to write would be, for example, ‘10.000’ and not ‘10’. 

Also, make sure you add ‘language conference’ after your name so that we can keep track of the payments. It should be like ‘John Smith language conference’.